The Inside Story In Western Huna

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  The Inside Story In Western Hunan    Li Huaisun      The Author:   Li Huaisun, born in Huitong County, Hunan province, in 1940.In his early years, he was engaged in literary, or drama creation. And then he has been a scholar for almost 20 years, giving himself to the study of history and culture of Western Hunan.He retired in 2000, and spent nine years in creating a novel called The Inside Story in Western Hunan.   Brief Introduction: (内容简介部分因未读完原作,因此,翻译准确与否不敢确定)   In Puyang, one of the ferry towns of Western Hunan Province, there lived the simple and honest people, and prevailed witchcrafts and Nuo plays(exorcising demons) .There lived two big families who had arranged betrothal for their minors. Zhang Fuli made game of love and ended with regret all his life. Ensnared with the bewildering Magic potion, a pretty girl made a date to meet an ugly carpenter in the evening. The deflowered Miao girl insisted on getting married to the dowry-pattern carver, her son Huo'er groun